Fawni Endeavors
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Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood


Fawni Endeavors specializes in large-scale installations for the hospitality industry.

We welcome new partnerships with hotels large and small, for both common-area applications and individual guest rooms. 


Instalacao Nightclub, Portugal

Restaurants & Nightlife

From the haughtiest fine dining restaurants to the triendiest bars and nightclubs, we work hand-in-hand with interior designers around the world to bring artistic vivacity to your establishment. 

Bloomingdale's, SoHo , New York City

Retail Sector

Fawni's art has decorated a number of boutiques and high-end department stores.

717 Olympic Residential Tower, Los Angeles

Residential & Commercial Properties

Fawni Endeavors collaborates wit hresidential and commercial property management companies.

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Public Spaces

From airports and concert venues to any special events, nearly all sites can showcase Fawni art perfectly. Both indoor and outdoor spaces can be transformed into an extraordinary world of art.